About us

Our specialism is the cultivation of unrooted cuttings and grafts.

The Netherlands

We cultivate our cuttings in Hazerswoude and Boskoop (greenhouse)


We searched for the best countries in Africa to cultivate unrooted cuttings.
Important themes of the investigation were for example the climate and the quality of the infrastructure,
We concluded that Uganda was the best option. The stable climate leads to similar growth of the cuttings.
Also the new crops are better through the many hours of sunlight.
These leads to a faster and better rooting process of the cuttings of our customers.

Our Uganda cuttings can be directly sticked after receiving, because we cut these cuttings on size.
This saves our customers time and money.

We have a wide range of perennial and shrub cuttings available.

And you?

Many companies have already discovered that a fundamental increase in productivity is possible.
They don't have to worry about the maintenance of their cutting corner.
Our customers can completely focus on the rooting process and the sales.

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