Ready-to-stick cuttings (URC)


In 2009, we started a nursery in Uganda.
After years of research (best climate and infrastructure) we concluded that Uganda was the best option.
We cultivate different types of shrubs and perennials in Africa.
For example: Aster, Ceanothus, Euonymus, Lavandula, Pachysandra and Phlox.

Why Uganda?

Uganda is located on the equator. So there is twelve hours light, daily.
The average temperature is between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius and there is no difference in seasons.
This makes it possible to deliver high qualitive unrooted cuttings the whole year.
Our nursery is near the airport of Entebbe (half hour drive). So the shipments to the Netherlands are easy and quick.

Best quality

The unrooted cuttings from Uganda are of superior quality.
This is caused by the constant temperature and a lot of sunlight.
Our cuttings are more vital and have more power to root and grow.

The cuttings can be delivered the whole year. So our customers can stickin the period they want.
We only pick the head cuttings of the most varieties. This results into the best quality of your plants.
It also leads to uniform growth of your plants.

Ready to stick cuttings

The cuttings will be cut on size and packed in the way you want.

You can directly stick the cuttings into trays when you received them.
This leads to a significant saving when you compare it with making the cuttings on your own.
You also have no waste!

Your product

Are you interested in our products or can we test or cultivate a new type for you?
Don’t hesitate, contact us!


 Our catalog can you find here (Excel- file).